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If you’ve found me online, chances are you’ve already taken a look at my gallery (and if you haven’t, please go check it out) and now you’re probably wondering, what I’m all about, what can I bring to your special day and why you should choose me as your wedding photographer. At least that’s what I hope you’re thinking after viewing my photo gallery.

Let me answer all of your questions, but the first thing I want to say is thank you for taking time to get to know me. The decision to hire a wedding photographer is one based on trust. Especially when hiring one to capture memories for one of your most important days of your life. You only get one shot to make this right and I never forget that.

So, here it is… a bit more about me and our team philosophy on wedding photography!

Our Approach to Wedding Photography

Simply put… I am in this with you. My job is to create visual memories that will transport you right back to your special wedding day and elicit memories that make you smile. That really should be the job of any wedding photographer, but in the end, it is not my vision you will see. The photographs I deliver will be a direct reflection of the two people who matter the most in this scenario… you and your partner.

Typically I stay away from the traditional wedding line-up photographs. You’ve seen them…. the ones where the bride and the groom are in the middle surrounded by their bridesmaids and groomsmen. Sure, I might throw in a few of those (for the parents and grandparents), but I look to capture what is beautiful about your love story and what is unique about your partnership. I can go from the traditional to the extreme. From the stunning to the spectacular.

Are you the “outdoorsy” types? We’ll then let’s hit the great outdoors for your shots. Are you “artsy?” Let’s find a venue or a backdrop that draws that out. Are you “sports junkies” like me? Boy, do I have ideas for you! The last thing I want is to make your engagement or wedding photo shoot something you “have to do.” Let’s have some fun, make some memories and capture your story on film.

You may have noticed my work with celebrities around the U.S. I do love working with some of these famous athletes and actors, but there is definitely something special about a wedding. Being a part of a “beginning” has always been, and will continue to be, special for me. I promise that you are in good hands.

If anything that I’ve written here connects with your vision, let’s talk. And if you aren’t in the Houston area, still connect with me… I travel to Austin frequently and across the country for engagement and wedding shoots. Contact me at or call 1-832-277-0122.

Thanks for the visit!

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